Fluxtrol - Magnetic field concentrators for induction heating

Magnetic field concentrators produced by Fluxtrol™ belong to soft magnetic materials, which contain powdered ferromagnetic materials and a dielectric bond compressed in proper conditions under high pressure. Thanks to their properties, they enable users to achieve increased efficiency of induction heating (by effective focusing of a thermal field in the chosen areas subjected to heat treatment). Heating occurs exactly in the area, where it has been designed and provides for significant electric energy savings.

The principle of operation of field concentrators consists in orientation of the magnetic component of electromagnetic field and in optimal configuration of the field lines, which provides for very effective and energy-saving production processes. As a result of using concentrators of Fluxtrol Inc., the process is very efficient and allows limiting induction heater power.

Types of concentrators

Depending on the frequency and magnetic flux density saturation, three main types of materials designed to magnetic field concentration in the induction heating process are distinguished:

  • Fluxtrol A (for frequency 0,02-50 kHz),
  • Fluxtrol 100 (for frequency 1-50 kHz),
  • Fluxtrol 50 (for frequency 8-1000 kHz),
  • Ferrotron 559H (for frequency 8-3000 kHz).

What is induction heating?

The induction heating is a method of electric heating, which absorbs energy from an alternating magnetic field, generated by induction coil (inductor).

The induction heating is a direct heating method, in which heat energy is created inside the body from electromagnetic field energy. The electromagnetic energy transferred to the body induced eddy currents in it, which lead to the creation of heat energy. The contactless method of energy leading and the direct heating method determine advantages of this heating method, such as: 

  • high heating speed,
  • thanks to short heating times, the body oxidation losses are practically negligible,
  • absence of a direct contact of the body with the energy source facilitates mechanization and automation of technological processes.

An installation of the concentrator from material of Fluxtrol / Ferrotron type in the induction coil provides for the achievement of intended production process conditions with increased life span of the induction coil. The heating is placed in the determined area and assures obtaining the adequate final product quality.

The magnetic field concentrators made by Fluxtrol Inc. have special advantages, such as:  

  • excellent thermal properties,
  • usefulness for induction heating processes in a very wide frequency range,
  • very good mechanical properties: ease of drilling, milling, turning as well as each type of joining of component elements,
  • ease and integrity of assembly providing the limitation of electromagnetic field leakage.

 Designing of induction coil

On the basis of its scientific achievements and experiences, Fluxtron Inc. guarantees a maximal induction processing output, additionally, by the limitation of costs of this production process.